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London's Historic Pub's - Private Walking Tour 

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub
London's Oldest Pubs
Cittie of Yorke Pub

The UK is well known throughout the world for it's many cosy, unusual, quirky, historic and atmospheric Pubs.

On this tour I hand pick the best Pubs London has to offer - Expect colourful and sometimes grisly tales, flag stones, wooden panelling, quiet snug corners, and traces of the many people both great and ordinary who have propped up the bar in times past.

A private and bespoke tour of the best and most historic pubs in London. Including a complimentary drink at each stop.


Let's start in 1620 and get a spot by the fire at our first historic Pub. It was on the Thames outside this Pub that the Mayflower docked before heading off with Pilgrims to the New World, later to become the USA.

Crossing the Thames we continue the nautical theme with a stop at a Pub that dates back to the 1500's, look out for the gibet hanging by the Thames, a reminder that it was here that Pirates and Smugglers met their end. The flag stone floor is the same one Charles Dickens would have walked across to get to the bar.

Heading north we come to the East End of London, and the area of the Jack The Ripper Murders. We will take a drink in a traditional Victorian pub that many of his victims drank in. Perhaps Jack himself was a regular?

Now it's time to head into the City of London, known as the square mile and the most historic and ancient area of London dating back 2000 years. This area was devastated in the Great Fire of London, but don't worry, I know an underground bar that survived the great fire. Let's find a corner and try a traditional ale or soft drink.

Hopefully the Ghosts from the last 500 years are friendly! It may be time to clear our heads with a quick stroll, next stop a Pub dating back to the 1400's. Yes a pub has been on this site since before Henry VIII was born. Hopefully a booth will be available, if not the Gentleman's Club interior of the front room will be perfectly suitable.


Ok, now this is becoming a real Pub crawl. At this point you will have a choice. Would you like to see one more traditional pub oozing history? Or do you fancy popping in to London's oldest Whisky Bar with the option to try 300 different Whiskies? The choice is your yours!


This is a personalised and private tour. Just you and me! I will meet you direct at your London accommodation, and escort you to the best and most historic Pubs in London. A fully bespoke and flexible tour. You won't be rushed or herded about in a large group. You can relax and enjoy a complimentary Ale/Wine/Soft Drink at each Pub. I will give you the history of each pub, and entertain you with tales from the past. We will also spot many interesting sites along the way, making this the perfect trip away from the regular tourist trail. I will also be able to escort you back to your Hotel, or next destination after the tour.

This tour requires having a day travel card for the London Underground as we can cover more sites, and give your legs a rest between points of interest. (I can assist with travel card purchase when we meet, or your hotel will be able to help)

For those with mobility problems I am more than happy to assist with Wheelchairs, or adapt the tour to suit your personal needs.

** - These prices mean that you get me as your own private guide. No struggling to hear commentary or

following a large group around. We do everything at your pace, and tailor the tour to you.

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